National Coming Out Day 2021
"Coming out" -- two simple words that describe one of the most complex and difficult things an LGBT* person will do in their lifetime.
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Family Gratitude
Your love and support have helped me achieve some tremendous aspirations I did not think were possible.
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Happy Pride, 2021!
Before you don your latest pride shirt and run off to a festival to celebrate, take a moment to reflect on how we got to where we are today.
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The Lift with Mara Simonson
Mara Simonson invited Daniel Schultz, Founder and President of Inc. to speak on her podcast. Listen in!
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Crisis Resources
Today, I am happy to announce the launch of our Crisis Resources. At our core, Inc. has always advocated for suicide prevention and mental health awareness.
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Virtual Magic Pride Festival!
Welcome and hello to all Virtual Magic Pride Festival participants!
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Our Message of Support
Listen, learn, stand up and use your voice when needed.
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A Message from our Founder
How do you honor someone you have never met but has been a foundation to your life?
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Fall Update
Pardon our absence -- we've been hard at work behind the scenes.
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Approved 501(c)(3) Request
We are happy to officially announce that the IRS has approved our request to be a 501(c)(3) Public Charity!
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IRS Paperwork Submitted
We submitted our paperwork to the IRS to become a 501(c)(3) organization!
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Resource Updates
Resources v2.0 - Visual enhancements with room to grow!
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Crisis Cards & Suicide Prevention
In recent years more effort has been placed on sharing out crisis lifelines to help prevent suicide. We hope that with the distribution of our Crisis Cards, we can get the right information out to those who need it.
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We’re Official
We have some pretty exciting news to share!
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While there have been tremendous strides in the past few decades, we are still working towards equality and understanding. theGuide.LGBT aims to provide a guided hand in coming out and finding one's true identity.
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Our journey to becoming a non-profit organization.
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the is not created by us for you; it is created by you, for all. We aspire to serve as a reputable guide to the LGBT* community, and at our core, provide a positive outlook for the future.

Read our full Mission Statement here.


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