January 17, 2019

In the few short months that theGuide.LGBT has been published it has reached a few thousand individuals across the globe. We think it's safe to say that it has made at least a small impact. We're just getting started though...

Next steps

We're actively working towards becoming a Non-profit organization. Our main goal is to curate stories from our community while also providing additional resources for individuals in need of help/guidance. However, if we have the ability to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization, it will enable us to help give back even more. Although we are not a 501(c)(3) organization at the time of this posting, we are actively researching the steps needed and will pursue them as quickly as we can.

How you can help

The biggest way our viewers can help us is to share our site and mission. If you've already shared our site and are still looking to help us even more, please feel free to reach out to us using the contact form here. An area that has the greatest immediate need is to update our local state resources. If you or someone you know lives in a state that we have limited resource listings for, please encourage them to submit suggestions.

501(c)(3) Phase:
Researching > Application > Processing/Pending > Acceptance

Read about our Acceptance:

Click here to read our official statement.

the is not created by us for you; it is created by you, for all. We aspire to serve as a reputable guide to the LGBT* community, and at our core, provide a positive outlook for the future.

Read our full Mission Statement here.

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