Becoming Me. Confident, Gay, Black, and Queer - Mark H

I had to learn to LOVE MYSELF and see me for who I am as a whole rather than what I wanted others to see.

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Life Isn't Binary, Neither Am I - Thomas M

Keep going, keep living as you are. Don't let anyone define you, except for you.

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Too Many Pornos! - Alfonso D

Coming out is a continuous process.

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Balancing Two Identities - Jake L

If you can’t find a path for yourself, make one. I promise you, it’s easier than you think.

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Better Late Than Never - Allana C

The most important person to come out to is yourself. Once you can start living authentically within your own mind, everything else will follow.

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Taking Chances - Brandon R

Though my story isn’t all that bad I hope that your take away from my experience is to go with your heart. Take risks and take chances because you only live once.

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Keepin' it country... Jasen B

I will be forever grateful for everyone who helped me become the man I am today and get out of the "country" safely and proudly.

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I Should Have Done This Sooner - Anonymous

I grew up in the Middle East, in a small, tight knit family of macho men and high society women. Looking in, you would think we fit the mold of normalcy that everyone expected of us. We are a strong family, still united in our way but there were things that we brushed under the carpet, including my sexuality.

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The Journey of Jordan W

I’m out. I’m gay. I’m free.

Here I am. Love me. I Love me.

Finding me was my journey.

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23 Years In The Making and An Awkward Family Dinner - Dave B

It has been four years since I did the scariest thing in my life and finally embraced my true self and how my story was all along.

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Learning to Love Yourself - Brian

Being gay doesn't define who you are. Don't let people tell you who you should be, how you should act or how you should live your life. Because in the end, you are the only judge of the success in your life.

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A Fraternal and Familial Outing - Serphos R

I remember the first time I had questioned my sexuality; I was 17 and it was late at night. I had my headphones on to make sure no one in my house could hear the videos I was about to play. I was in my normal scope of watching porn, but for a moment I […]

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Learning to Love - Aron R

My coming out story wasn’t about finding a family, it was about finding myself and finding out how I can love.

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Becoming Unstuck

I didn’t have a conscious interest in women until my sophomore year in college. Looking back now, it’s clear to me that I had been interested in both men and women growing up, but I simply leaned toward the more socially acceptable match-up in my younger years.

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Ally's Awakening

To this day, I'm still not sure that I ever actually came out to my dad.

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Phil Pasch's Naval Speech

We celebrate Pride to remind Young Americans that they are loved and nobody can hurt them for being who they truly are. Many LGBT kids struggle with the idea of coming out to their friends and family.

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Daniel's Story

From the time of this posting, it has been 4,278 days since I came out. 11 years, 8 months, 19 days. This day forever changed my life, it was the first time I ever told anyone that I was, and still very much am, gay.

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Max's Story - The Trans Project (Part 1)

It began with an all-too-familiar cartoon, the Powerpuff Girls. From the moment that my developing mind could create a memory, I was smitten with the courage and bravery of Buttercup.

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Nate H's Story

I grew up in a religious household. Nothing too strict but we went to Church pretty often. I grew up with the thought that homosexuality is wrong and that you're not that good of a person.

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