A Message from our Founder

October 11, 2019

From Daniel

How do you honor someone you have never met but has been part of the foundation to your life? From an early age I had always heard stories about my late Uncle, Steven E. Krueger. Steven passed away 3 months prior to my birth but he was still an active part in my upbringing. At some point during each year of my life, I would hear my family tell stories about Steven. I knew so much about him but he knew little about me, but as fate would have it, he would be one of the key players in my coming out. In September of 2018 I drove to visit his resting place, paid my respects to him, and vowed to commemorate his life. Days later I would interview my mother and grandmother to learn as much about Steven as I could and finally write his story.

Steven was empathetic, creative, adventurous, authentic, caring, and above all else humble.

As the Founder of this organization, and as the current President, I am making two formal announcements effective immediately.

  1. From this day forward we will establish organizational values based around Steven's legacy
  2. theGuide.LGBT Inc. will be dedicated in Steven's honor

To view Steven's permanent dedication and story, click here.


Daniel Schultz
President & Founder
theGuide.LGBT Inc.

the is not created by us for you; it is created by you, for all. We aspire to serve as a reputable guide to the LGBT* community, and at our core, provide a positive outlook for the future.

Read our full Mission Statement here.

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