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Steven E. Krueger


Born June 2, 1952 to Eugene and Janice Krueger, Steven was an unknown hero, activist, and pioneer during his short 38 years. Although all of these titles were unbeknownst to him, they are on permanent display here alongside his story.

It is with great honor that theGuide.LGBT Inc. dedicates our services and vision to Steven E. Krueger, uncle to our Founder and President, Daniel.

Early Life

From an early age, Steven had an ear for music and could play the piano from memory. His talent didn't stop there, he also sold his paintings throughout High School and enjoyed cooking. While he was not strong with math and science, he excelled in language, spelling, and creativity. Steven was raised Catholic and attended a Catholic School where he would eventually meet his lifelong friend Ricky. Together, they would develop a deeply rooted friendship and travel the United States.

As Steven grew up, his passion for helping others would begin to develop as he worked as a CNA at Clearview in Juneau, Wisconsin. From there, Steven along with Ricky, would eventually begin their first of many moves. The first stop was Madison, Wisconsin where Steven helped children with special needs.

Over the course of several years Steven and Ricky would move between Wisconsin, California, and Texas. A majority of Steven's jobs after moving out of Madison revolved around his passion for cooking. During their travels, Steven would meet the likes of Sally Struthers, attend several parties, model in a magazine, and be free to love who he wanted.


In 1988 while living in Houston, Texas, Steven was in a motor vehicle accident while driving his moped. The accident lead to having pins put in his leg which caused a permanent limp and would be the first time that Steven was aware of being HIV Positive. The summer of 1988 while visiting Wisconsin would be the last time that his family would see him alive. Steven, being aware of his HIV status and having little information on how HIV was transmitted, encouraged his mother to burn the sheets he would sleep on.

It is presumed that Steven contracted HIV from sharing a needle with his roommate/boyfriend.

In November of 1990, while having blood work done, Steven was developing complications in his leg, likely caused by HIV. The blood work would later indicate that Steven had transitioned from HIV to AIDS. His leg complications would lead to a partial amputation of his leg below the knee. After having found out about his AIDS diagnosis and amputation, he called his closest sister to inform her of his demise. During the same call he would also learn that his closest sister was pregnant with his youngest nephew, Daniel.


On April 8th, 1991, Steven began having issues with a possible infection from his second surgery. The infection lead to a third surgery in which he started to have complications. Aware of his outcomes prior to surgery, Steven made the decision to become a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) patient. His medical team allowed him to pass away when the complications from surgery became too great and the need to revive him was present.

Steven, having been aware of his situation, wanted to continue to help others and had donated his body for medical research. Immediately following his death, Steven's leg from the hip down and lungs were donated to research AIDS and asthma.

At the time of his death, AIDS patients were not able to have their bodies transported via commercial airlines and Steven was cremated in Houston, Texas before being flown home to Wisconsin to his final resting place.

The AIDS epidemic started on June 5th 1981, nearly 10 years prior to Steven's death.


Steven was a pioneer for his time, living his most authentic life and not shying away from experiences. Surely his anatomical donations to medical research have lead to advancements in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Achievements in modern medicine have now lead to longer life expectancies with HIV Positive patients as well as medications that help to prevent the transmission of HIV.

His memory continues to live on and he serves as an inspiration to his family.

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